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Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes – How to Manage Contact Lens Related Dryness

Contact lenses provide the freedom of good sight and great peripheral vision without the annoyance of spectacle frames. However some people find contact lens wear uncomfortable, either putting up with constant irritation or quitting contact lens wear altogether. Understanding the more common reasons for dry eye symptoms and the options available will help you manage your comfort. Let’s have a look at the causes, drops and nutrition and alternative contact lens options including Orthokeratology. read more

A Guide for People with Keratoconus

A group of Australian optometrists and ophthalmologists specialising in keratoconus management have written a book to allay concerns of keratoconus patients and their families.  The book, “A user’s manual for people with Keratoconus.  From glasses to corneal grafts and everything in between”, has been written to provide a greater understanding of the condition. read more