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Vision Therapy on the Gold Coast

Evidence for Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy or Vision Training is a therapeutic approach program of activities incorporating the use of lenses, prisms, and filters.  It is used as part of the treatment for a range of vision disorders such as convergence problems, accommodation dysfunction, lazy eye and oculomotor disorders.  In our practice, the majority of vision therapy conducted is for accommodation dysfunction and convergence problems, otherwise known as focussing and eye-teaming difficulties. read more

Vision Therapy for Convergence and Focussing Problems – A Detailed Review

This latest review of convergence insufficiency is an comprehensive review on this common vision problem, its impact and management.  What I like about this article is that one of the authors, Dr Cooper is an excellent clinician, as well as a researcher. This provides valuable clinical pearls and insights into the interpretation of the research surrounding this common but under-diagnosed vision problem. read more

Behavioural Optometry is not about fixing bad behaviour

Behavioural optometry is not about fixing bad behaviour in the classroom.

A vision problem can create frustration for child, parent and teacher alike.  Visual difficulties can also lead to comments regarding attention, distractibility or even accusations of “laziness”.  It is easy to understand how the behaviour and symptoms that accompanies a vision problem could be blamed on other things. read more