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What can I do if my child is shortsighted?

Girls eye close-up

What can I do if my child or teenager is shortsighted? 

Myopia or shortsight is an increasing vision problem worldwide and it is no different in Australia. Traditional corrections like sight correcting lenses do not slow down the increases, and recent studies indicate that in some individuals the progression may even be greater in glasses compared to no glasses at all.  The important thing to understand is that progression occurs with and without glasses and can result in more serious eye health consequences in adulthood. read more

How to enhance your baby’s eye and visual development

Your baby’s eye & visual development

Vision is our most precious sense, yet an infant’s vision is much less developed at birth than their other senses, such as smell. Therefore, it is vital that parents and caregivers provide the right environment to help their baby’s visual system to develop and mature. Many parents worry about motor development of their child, yet most don’t realise that there is also very important motor development occurring in the eye muscles too. read more