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Vision therapy research highlights the need to pay attention to performance not just eye-strain

In our Gold Coast Vision Therapy practice, the majority of our vision therapy is for what are called “Visual Dysfunctions”.  These are vision problems affecting both children and adults that involve difficulties with focussing, eye-teaming and eye-aiming.  The symptoms however, are not as obvious as vision problems affecting sight, and are not always simply corrected with glasses.  A new study highlights that not all symptoms of vision problems appear as those directly “eye-related”. read more

Vision Therapy for Convergence and Focussing Problems – A Detailed Review

This latest review of convergence insufficiency is an comprehensive review on this common vision problem, its impact and management.  What I like about this article is that one of the authors, Dr Cooper is an excellent clinician, as well as a researcher. This provides valuable clinical pearls and insights into the interpretation of the research surrounding this common but under-diagnosed vision problem. read more