COVID-19 Updates

With a shared commitment to safeguarding the health of our staff and patients, we are requesting that all patients read the following advice (27/03/2020). 

Appointments - Can You Wait?

If you need glasses or contacts, please read below.

We have been advised to move to emergency staffing levels.

We are only seeing patients whose well being is at risk or have an eye emergency.  We will discuss this with you on the phone.  Please be patient if we don't immediately answer your call.  Please leave a message.

If You Must Visit the Clinic - The Door Will Locked

ALL VISITORS to the practice will be required:

  • To read the condition of entry.
  • Wash hands upon entry and comply with our hygiene protocols whilst in the practice. 
  • Observe social distancing guidelines of maintaining 1.5 metres or more of distance between people, and other measures as directed by staff.

ANY patient who has experienced fevers, felt unwell or been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) should not attend at Harmony Vision and seek medical advice.

Contact Lens Wear

CONTACT LENS WEARERS are encouraged to consider their supplies of lenses and cleaning solution. At this time, we have no supply chain shortages, but we cannot be confident in how long this will remain the case.

We would recommend having at least 3 MONTHS supply of disposable lenses on hand, and the same for solutions. 

REORDERING DISPOSABLE CONTACT LENSES. This can be done remotely, and we will arrange to deliver your contact lenses to you.  Our major brands offer this service at no additional charge for deliver (to avoid unnecessary visits into our practice and to adhere to social distancing recommendations). Please email to request an order, or phone 5520 5900.

REORDERING SOLUTIONS. We ask that you phone or email ahead with your order. This will allow us to process a phone payment and have your solution packaged up and ready to hand over. This will reduce the time you will be in our clinic and again facilitate social distancing. Email or phone 5520 5900.

Ortho-K Wearers

The Lens Plus saline you have been advised to use for insertion is in short supply.  You CAN USE MENICARE PLUS for lens insertion in the short term.   A very small number of people may experience some mild itch in the morning by using Menicare Plus. If you do use Blink Intensive, Hylo Forte or Hylo Fresh drops for lens insertion instead.

We have advised Lens Plus for insertion in the past because it is a sterile solution that is essentially preservative free by the time the lens goes on the eye.  This reduces the small chance of minor irritation.  It is also a lower cost way of rinsing your lenses than using Menicare Plus.

We do not know whether other brands of preserved saline will cause problems.  Menicare Plus or a non-preserved lubricant drop should be used instead in the short-term.

Finally, do not use water (either tap or bottled).  If in doubt do not use your lenses.  

Vision Therapy Sessions

VISION THERAPY APPOINTMENTS will now be conducted online.  Please contact your vision therapist to make arrangements for connecting online and acquiring equipment.

We have used this method of delivery for many years to minimise travel for out of area patients.  In the majority of cases this will not disrupt care, therapists will still be working from a fully equipped clinic room and will be seeing patients one on one. In cases where we feel progress is less than expected, we will recommend patients defer treatment until safe to return to clinic appointments. 

Spectacle Orders and Deliveries

SPECTACLES ordered after Monday 23rd March will now be adjusted and fitted when ordered. We will arrange for no charge postage delivered to your home when they are completed. Please allow 14 days for manufacture and a further 7-10 days for delivery. These are maximum, and where possible we will be attempting deliver as quickly as possible. 

SPECTACLE WEARERS. If you only have one pair of glasses and are unable to continue your day to day life without glasses, we would STRONGLY urge you to order a spare pair at this time. Optometry practices currently remain open, but if we are forced to close, or our supply chains close you will have limited ability to have spectacles repaired or made. 

We thank you for your patience during any  unforeseen delays in contacting our practice, as we work to try and keep up with changing demands and routines. 

Finally, we understand these are difficult and challenging times for all families and businesses. From our family to yours, we hope that you stay safe and well.