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COVID-19 Updates – We are Open.

We are OPEN, and from the 18th May 2020, we have increased our appointment availability and increased staffing levels to handle your queries.

Please look through the following:

We are OPEN and making appointments for:

Please consider DELAYING appointments if:


  • Any school work concerns
  • With eye turns or lazy eyes
  • Squinting, blinking
  • Blurry vision or headaches
  • Concentration issues

Anyone who:

  • has concerns about their vision
  • has eye pain/headaches or eye redness
  • is needing to order glasses or contact lenses
  • has broken glasses or needs repairs

Medical or referred care

  • medical related eye care eg glaucoma, diabetes, eye turns
  • as requested or referred from another health care practitioner or doctor

Contact lens and Ortho-K

  • you are due for review because you wear contact lenses or orthok.

If you can wait a few more weeks, and you have:

  • NO symptoms
  • NO concerns,
  • NO history of medical related eye care needs

If you are in anyway unsure, please contact us.

Make an appointment online using the "Book Appointment" links.

If You Must Visit the Clinic - The Door Will Locked

ALL VISITORS to the practice will be required:

  • To read the condition of entry.
  • Wash hands upon entry and comply with our hygiene protocols whilst in the practice. 
  • Observe social distancing guidelines of maintaining 1.5 metres or more of distance between people, and other measures as directed by staff.

ANY patient who has experienced fevers, felt unwell or been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) should not attend at Harmony Vision and seek medical advice.

Vision Therapy Sessions

VISION THERAPY APPOINTMENTS continue to be conducted online if you wish.  Please contact your vision therapist to make arrangements for connecting online and acquiring equipment.

We have delivered online vision therapy for many years to minimise travel for out of area patients.  In the majority of cases this will not disrupt care, therapists will still be working from a fully equipped clinic room and will be seeing patients one on one. In cases where we feel progress is less than expected, we will recommend patients defer treatment until safe to return to clinic appointments. 

Spectacle Orders and Deliveries

We will book an appointment for all spectacle deliveries for the short to medium term.

We thank you for your patience during any  unforeseen delays in contacting our practice, as we work to try and keep up with changing demands and routines. 

Finally, we understand these are difficult and challenging times for all families and businesses. From our family to yours, we hope that you stay safe and well.