Eye glasses for children

Glasses for Kids

If you have never had glasses yourself, then as a parent, it can be very daunting considering them for your child. Not only is it usually a shock to learn that your child needs glasses, but many people are surprised to learn you don’t simply pull them off the shelf.

Kids glasses are all custom made. Yet, little faces are not the same as adults, and there are some very specific things you need to know:

  1. If your child is wearing glasses full-time, then we recommend lenses with a good UV filter (to protect from damaging ultraviolet radiation)
  2. Glass lenses are never recommended for children.
  3. Lenses should always be made with good quality scratch-resistant coatings. Those who use devices and screens alot need to consider an anti-reflection coating.
  4. Frames come in all different shapes, sizes, materials and prices. Regardless, we have a range to suit your needs and budget.
  5. Your child will need to be “measured up” for their lenses to ensure the lenses are centered exactly in front of their eyes.

What about frames?

If it is durability you need, then may we suggest our TITANS range. This has been hand picked by our experienced staff for durable materials, flexible hinges and tough design. Brands include: Adidas, Nike,  and X-Games.

If it is fashion and that certain look your child craves, then may we suggest our EYE CANDY range. This has been selected for it’s great range of styles and colours, often mirroring European fashion and trends. If you can’t find what you like here, then we think it probably doesn’t exist! Brands include: Guess & LaCoste to name a few.

If you like something a little less “wow”, but still want quality, then our FUNDAMENTALS range is tried and true and just for you. It comes in a wide variety of colours in classic styles.

When sticking to a budget, our BLOCKS range is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You can still benefit from our specialist knowledge in dispensing and fitting children’s lenses and frames, without blowing the budget. Frames are available for no out of pocket with a private health fund contribution.

Paul Graham

Paul believes that what he truly practices is “Optometry for the Individual”. Whether it be vision training, glasses, custom or disposable contact lenses, orthok or precision tinted lenses, Paul will consult with you, completely assess your vision and custom design a treatment approach that is right for you. If you want a fresh approach, then Paul is the Optometrist for you!