Meet Alice Forsyth

Alice Forsyth is an experienced optometrist who has recently joined the team at Harmony Vision. hcp_harmonyvisioncare-11

Want to know more about Alice?…. then read on! Here is a short interview to get to know Alice.

Q. What aspects of Optometry do you enjoy?

Meeting a wide variety of people and helping them to understand how achieving efficient vision impacts every area of their lives.

Q How did you become interested in Behavioural Vision Care?

My own son, though very bright, was having difficulty learning to read and I was looking for ways to help him. At the same time I stumbled into a job at a local
behavioural optometry practice – I loved the fact that it gave me more tools to help
others like my son.

Q What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?

Making the lives of people easier by using the tools of behavioural optometry –
a thorough examination, and where needed, lenses and vision therapy.

Q. Why are you looking forward to joining the team at Harmony Vision?

Its exciting to have more resources available to get the job done – this includes staff and facilities. Its also been many years since I worked with another like minded optometrist and I am looking forward to expanding my skills working along side Paul & Meredith.

Q. How long have you lived on the Gold Coast, and what’s your favourite thing to do when not at work?

I have lived on the Gold Coast for 18years and now have extended family living nearby…including my first grandchild. After spending time with my family, I often have my hands on something musical. I have recently embarked on learning the drums.

Paul Graham

Paul believes that what he truly practices is “Optometry for the Individual”. Whether it be vision training, glasses, custom or disposable contact lenses, orthok or precision tinted lenses, Paul will consult with you, completely assess your vision and custom design a treatment approach that is right for you. If you want a fresh approach, then Paul is the Optometrist for you!