A Guide for People with Keratoconus

A group of Australian optometrists and ophthalmologists specialising in keratoconus management have written a book to allay concerns of keratoconus patients and their families.  The book, “A user’s manual for people with Keratoconus.  From glasses to corneal grafts and everything in between”, has been written to provide a greater understanding of the condition.

The intent of the book is to allay fears, as an example, this is a quote from the bio of the book:

“……..This blurred vision can cause considerable problems for people with keratoconus, having a quite marked effect on their life, especially their working life. It is, however, important to remember that keratoconus DOES NOT cause blindness and the vast majority of people with keratoconus can see well enough to continue driving, working and lead a very active life.”

In knowing one of the authors personally, you could expect this to be a well written and qualified resource for keratoconus patients and their families.  Find it at:


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