Ortho K Gold Coast Conference Highlights

We’ve been fitting Ortho-K on the Gold Coast for nearly a decade, but when you tell people about it, they just find it hard to believe that it works.   The latest Orthokeratology Society meeting was held this weekend and the Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast, and it great to see the wealth of ongoing research and development of this great field.  The main messages were:

  1. Ortho-K provides clear sight all day with no glasses, dry contacts or laser eye surgery.
  2. Higher prescriptions are now achievable, as well as astigmatism and longsight corrections.
  3. Ortho-K provides similar results to laser eye surgery, just without the surgery.
  4. Ortho-K is showing great potential in it’s ability to be used as treatment to slow the progression of prescription changes in children and teenagers.
  5. Ortho-K is gentle and effective. Unlike laser eye surgery, Ortho-K is suitable for all ages.

We have a dedicated Ortho-K website with an update coming soon www.nospecs.com.au.

Paul Graham

Paul believes that what he truly practices is “Optometry for the Individual”. Whether it be vision training, glasses, custom or disposable contact lenses, orthok or precision tinted lenses, Paul will consult with you, completely assess your vision and custom design a treatment approach that is right for you. If you want a fresh approach, then Paul is the Optometrist for you!