Sunglasses for kids

Why should kids wear sunnies?


  • There have been estimates that up to 80% of a lifetime of UV exposure to the eyes occurs before 18 years of age
  •  This is when the eye tissue is less able to protect itself from UV.
  • UV exposure over a lifetime contributes to cataracts, pterygiums and macula degeneration.

 Tips for choosing kids sunnies:

  1. Always make sure sunglasses meet Australian Standards. They should be marked as Category 3 or Category 4.
  2. Fashion sunglasses don’t always offer the right level of protection.
  3. Choose ones that fit well at the time of purchase—do not buy them with room for growth. This reduces the chance of  UV radiation reaching the eye around the lenses.
  4. Ask for brands that are designed specifically to fit the head & face anatomy of children (it is different to adults)
  5. Sunglasses do not have to be polarised if they are already Category 3 or 4.
    Polarised lenses offer glare reduction, but not necessarily higher UV protection.
  6. Lead by example. Ensure the entire family wears their sunglasses regularly outdoors.
  7. Start when your baby or child is young. Just like wearing a hat—you need to persist! But encouraging good habits early will help to ensure these habits will be with your child for life, and their most precious sense will always be protected.

 Tips for cleaning kids sunnies:

  • Always wipe the lenses after wetting them first.
  • Cleaning with a recommended lens spray is best, but cold, soapy water is also good.
  • A soft clean cloth for drying is better than tissues or the end of your shirt!
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