Vision therapy app for amblyopia

We look forward to the completion of the trials of “Dig Rush”, a game developed by Ubisoft in partnership with Amblyotech and McGill university that promises to provide an additional tool for optometrists to use to help develop sight and stereopsis in children and adults.  While having an interactive game is useful to help patients engage in therapy, we are happy to see that research is indicating that adults can respond to treatment too.

There was once thought to be a “critical period”, beyond which treatment is no longer effective.  Usually this age ranges from 7 to 9 years old, and while it is true that there is a “sensitive period”, where visual deprivation is going to have a greater impact on visual development, and conversely treatments may work more effectively, the latest research backs up patient stories, like Sue Barry’s – Fixing My Gaze, and the many case of rehabilitation after brain injury, which demonstrate the human visual system is capable of change into adulthood.

We have no release date at this stage, but we hope to be able to add this new techology to our Gold Coast based vision therapy clinic when it becomes available.

Paul Graham

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