OrthoK – Freedom with No Specs

See with Freedom. No Magic. Just Clever Technology.

What would your day be like if you didn’t have to wear glasses?  What would your day be like if didn't have the dryness or hassle of contact lenses?

Glasses and contact lenses can be really limiting for some people. Glasses can get in the way, slip, fog or simply just not match the way you see yourself.   Contacts can help, although some people find them dry or they just don’t like the morning hassle of putting them in.

We've been helping see with freedom for 20 years.

We understand that glasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery doesn’t suit everyone.  We also understand the frustration of feeling like you don’t have much of a choice. That’s why we have been helping people see with Ortho-K for 20 years.

As the first Ortho-K optometrists on the Gold Coast, we have extensive experience and expertise to fit a wide range of prescriptions, eye shapes and age groups with this innovative treatment that frees you from the hassle of glasses and contact lenses.

No Magic. Just Clever Technology.

Ortho-K is a made-for-you treatment using the latest in eye imaging and contact lens technology. While it is technically a contact lens, you only need to wear it at night, avoiding that daytime dryness some people get with regular lenses.  Clever yes, but not magic. It uses the natural elasticity of the eye to create a change in focus that last a day or two.

How Do I Get Ortho-K?

The science is complicated and uses the latest technology, but the process can be simplified into the following steps:

  1. Book an appointment to have your eye shape and suitability assessed.
  2. You are fitted with  an individually prescribed Ortho-K lens for each eye to wear while you sleep*.
  3. When you wake up, you remove the lens and are able to see for the rest of the day usually without needing any glasses or contact lenses (the vast majority of people who wear ortho-k rarely wear spectacles).

*Orthokeratology has been developed over many decades, and many people enjoy the benefits of this treatment, but the results cannot be guaranteed for every individual.  Your optometrist will discuss the expectations for your individual situation, and the necessary safety information as part of your informed consent.