Many people think that optometrists just prescribe glasses, right? Wrong! Glasses can be an important part of your vision care, but there are other treatments that available to assist in your vision care needs. Our treatments are individually prescribed after a thorough assessment of your needs, and a discussion on the pro’s and con’s of each option.  Other treatments in include Ortho-K/Orthokeratology (increased freedom from glasses or contacts); Precision Tinted Lenses; Contact Lenses; Stress Relieving Lenses & Ergonomic advice. Serving the Gold Coast/Tweed Region, we not only help correct sight, we assist in all areas of vision.


What is Behavioural Optometry?
Our optometrists Paul Graham, Meredith Graham & Alice Forsyth practice optometry with a Behavioural Vision Care philosophy. They understand that good visual performance is not just about clear distance sight. They have extensively studied the effects of stress on vision, and the impact that poor vision has on learning, reduced concentration and performance for both children and adults.



Vision Therapy
The team at Harmony Vision Care combines many years of clinical experience and research to deliver office based vision training.  Our emphasis is that Vision Training is much more than just “eye exercises”. Instead, it is a progressive method of retraining how the brain, eyes and body work together.



OrthoK (see without glasses or contacts)
Clear sight during the day by wearing lenses ONLY at NIGHT. Ortho-K is a unique contact lens treatment that help eligible patients to reduce dependence on glasses and avoid daytime contact lens dryness. We have extensive experience in this non surgical technology.



Visual Stress

Are you or your child struggling with reading? Has someone suggested dyslexia? This area is a minefield for conflicting opinions. Like anyone else, people with dyslexia can suffer with vision problems.

Dyslexia and other learning problems are complicated and there are many and varied approaches to managing these problems. Unfortunately, many people don’t realise that simple vision problems may result in the same symptoms, and can be a big part of the picture. Harmony Vision Care has the expertise to identify whether vision problems might be interfering with visual performance, and the most appropriate approach for each individual.



Contact Lenses
The outdoors lifestyle of the Gold Coast, makes it a great place to enjoy the benefits of contact lenses. Technology is constantly evolving, and this means there have been great improvements in the comfort, handling and ease of use of contact lenses and contact lens solutions. Harmony Vision Care offers the full-scope of contact lens options – disposable, custom, hybrids, keratoconus, reading lenses, mini-sclerals and overnight lenses. Contacts can be used for astigmatism, shortsight, longsight, multifocal and in some cirumstances children are able to use contact lenses. Read on for more about the latest in technology and advice…



Finding out that you, or your child, needs glasses can be a stressful time. How will they look? What if they break? What do they cost? The team at Harmony Vision Care will take the hassle out of ordering glasses.