Migraine and Light Sensitivity

Migraine Related Light Sensitivity

Nearly 5 million people in Australia are affected by migraine*.  It impacts on lifestyle, work and overall well being.  There is no cure, only ways to manage symptoms and triggers.

Migraine is a genetic neurological disease and the common migraine attack symptoms include:

  • Light sensitivity is the #1 most bothersome symptom^.
  • Debilitating headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sound and smell sensitivity
  • Brain fog and dizziness

Harvard research shows that specific blue, red, and amber light are pain triggering wavelengths, while specific green wavelengths can be soothing ~#. 

We understand how debilitating light sensitivity and migraine can be.  Days off work, avoiding places that you know are triggering or having to hide away in a dark room.  We have a long history in helping patients with precision tinted lenses for glare sensitivities and we are excited to have the opportunity of helping people migraine and light sensitivity.

How to use Avulux

Avulux lens technology precisely filters 97% of the most painful, migraine-triggering light while letting beneficial light in.  There are two ways to use Avulux:


Wear Avulux as soon as you feel any migraine symptoms or when you're light sensitive.


Wear Avulux throughout the day or during triggering activities when faced with harsh light or extended screen time.

How to get Avulux

Start your inquiry.

Find out your suitability for Avulux.  Depending on your situation, book a vision exam or Avulux screening.

Trial or buy your Avulux lenses.

You have the option to trial Avulux before you buy them. Available in prescription, non-prescription and fit-overs.

^ headachejournal.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.111/head.13407