Our dream is that no person should suffer reduced performance at school or missed opportunities in life as a result of a hidden vision problem.
This page has been compiled for teachers, educators, allied health providers & referring Optometrists, in order to facilitate the sharing of information about the detection and treatment of vision problems. Vision is such a large part of living and learning, yet problems in this area remain largely undetected, and therefore, untreated. We hope to change this.

We are offer office based vision therapy on the Gold Coast, but are part of a larger international community of optometrists who a dedicated to helping people achieve more through better vision.

The links below are to external resources. Most cover specific topics like vision therapy, eye-turns, lazy eyes and learning related vision problems.

Vision Help Blog

“VisionHelp represents a group of leading Optometric vision specialists in the U.S. who serve to provide greater awareness and understanding of the science and best practices for training the visual brain. VisionHelp consists of University Professors, past presidents of national and state associations and authors of professional publications on various aspects of vision treatment and vision therapy”.
It contains a wealth of information and while targeted at professionals, many of the articles are suitable for the general public.

Optometrists Network

“Optometrists Network is a network of interconnected patient education and optometric web sites which educate the public about visual health and unique aspects of optometric care. Our public health mission is supported by our Members who are licensed Doctors of Optometry…..
Optometrists Network was founded by Rachel Cooper. As a child, Rachel Cooper was diagnosed with untreatable lazy eye. As an adult, she discovered the visual health care choice called optometric vision therapy and, under the care of an optometrist, gained the ability to use both eyes together for sight (binocular vision)!”
These websites are a network of sites designed for patient education on a variety of topics like vision therapy, strabismus, learning difficulties, lazy eye, and ADD/ADHD. We are a member of the Optometrists Network.

P.A.V.E – Parents Active for Vision Education

“P.A.V.E.® is a national non-profit education 501(c)3, resource and support organization whose mission is to raise public awareness of the crucial relationship between vision and achievement.”
P.A.V.E has some great resources including visual hygiene advice, advice to reduce visual stress and alternative symptom checklists for parents to use.

Information for Educators, Teachers, Allied Health Professionals & Optometrists.

Many teachers tell us that they know little about the link between vision and learning. Intuitively, it makes sense – vision must be involved in the learning process! Yet, it remains largely ignored or overlooked. Opposite you will find a page dedicated to educators & allied professionals, with the aim of answering many of the “frequently asked questions”. Alternatively, you may download the information via the PDF link below.

For Optometrists looking to refer their patients, please click on our page :Info for Optometrists” opposite. You can browse our list of services, read summaries of the latest research or find information about making a referral.

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