Myopia Awareness Week 22-26 May 2023

Myopia control is important because it allows parents to take proactive steps in managing and slowing down the progression of their child's shortsight. By working with the Optometrists at Harmony Vision to implement myopia control measures, parents can be assured that they are helping to take control of their child's eye health journey.

Why is this important?

Well, by actively addressing and controlling myopia, we can potentially reduce the risk of future eye problems for children, such as retinal detachment, cataracts, and glaucoma. It's our responsibility to safeguard our child's eyes for a healthier future.

Furthermore, myopia control has a significant impact on children’s daily life. By managing the progression of myopia, we can help our children maintain clearer vision without constantly needing stronger glasses or contact lenses. This empowers them to fully engage in activities, excel academically, and enjoy hobbies with improved visual clarity.

To achieve myopia control for your child, you can work with the Optometrists at Harmony Vision who will guide you in choosing the right strategies. This may involve specific glasses or contact lenses, eye drops, encouraging outdoor activities, and managing screen time effectively.

As parents, we have the opportunity to be the driving force in our child's eye health journey. By embracing myopia control, we actively shape the outcome of our child's vision and overall well-being. This requires a dedicated and proactive approach together with Harmony Vision to contribute to a brighter future for your child's eyes.

How Do You Get Myopia Management?

We assess your child's vision and axial length and consider other risk factors like age, family history, current level of myopia and lifestyle to develop an individual plan for managing your child's myopia.

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Paul Graham

Paul believes that what he truly practices is “Optometry for the Individual”. Whether it be vision training, glasses, custom or disposable contact lenses, orthok or precision tinted lenses, Paul will consult with you, completely assess your vision and custom design a treatment approach that is right for you. If you want a fresh approach, then Paul is the Optometrist for you!