Myopia Or Short Sight

Slow Down Changes in Their Sight.

Modern life is changing our kids eyes. 

Research predicts that 50% of people in Australia will be short-sighted by 2050.

Myopia, also known as short-sight, reduces your ability to see further away without correction.  It's not just the hassle of always having to change the script in your glasses, short-sighted children have increased risks of eye problems as adults too.  

Regular Glasses Don't Help

Your child needs to see clearly but there's always that concern their eyes are just going to get worse again.  Regular glasses don't do anything to stop or slow the eyes from changing again.  The frustrating part is that often waiting, putting off or doing nothing doesn't help either. There are other ways to manage this.

We have over 20 years experience in myopia management in children.  The refractive options for slowing down myopia progression include:

  • orthokeratology - ortho-k overnight lenses.
  • multifocal soft contact lenses - we offer MiSight, Natural Vue, SEED, and Mylo by Mark'ennovy.
  • peripheral defocus spectacle lens technologies - this includes MiYoSmart, Stellest, Myopilux,  Myopilux Max, MyoVision, MyoKids Pro and MyCon.

With the Right Tools Myopia Can Be Controlled*

See Clearly & Slow Changes at the Same Time

There is sight correction technology that can slow changes in prescription while also providing clear sight.

Options to Suit Your Child’s Age & Lifestyle

There are multiple ways to slow progression, you have access to a variety of ways that suit your child.

Technology to Measure Progress

Tracking your child’s degree of prescription and directly measure eye size and growth.


We Care About Your Child’s Visual Future

Kids grow up quick. How well they see now, can impact on what happens later. With over 20 years of experience in children’s vision we understand the importance of handing vision problems early. That’s why we created a practice that is dedicated to exploring methods of vision care beyond just glasses, methods that help shape the way you use your eyes in the future.

Some of the Myopia Control Options Available*

Overnight Ortho-K

An innovative contact lens that is only worn while you sleep (yep, we’re not kidding), allows children to see well during the day, while also telling the eye not to grow as fast.

Myopia Control Contacts

Comfortable, day time contact lenses with low infection risk and designed to slow down changes in prescription and eye ball growth that causes myopia progression.

Myopia Control Spectacles

Regular glasses just provide clear vision, but myopia control lenses are also aimed at slowing progression. This offers an alternative for when ortho-k or contact lenses aren’t suitable.

The Path to Myopia Control*

1. Book A Thorough Vision Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of your child’s vision and get to understand your concerns and goals.

2. Decide on a Myopia Control Path

We help you decide on a method of myopia control after thoroughly discussing expectations and providing realistic outcomes.

3. Enjoy Good Sight While Monitoring Progression

Your child will see clearly and we will regularly monitor the control of the degree of their prescription and eye growth.

*It’s Important to Remember Nothing’s Perfect

Great progress has been made in myopia control and the research into this area in recent years. While we are able to slow progression in many people, some significantly, individual responses to treatments vary greatly and therefore can’t be guaranteed. Long-term data is currently being gathered to improve treatment outcomes. We aim to provide you with the latest treatments and realistic expectations based on what we know and your individual circumstances.