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What are the alternatives to reading glasses?

shutterstock_27257383Finding out you need reading glasses comes as quite a shock to many people, particular for those who have spent their entire lives with great sight.  It is an unfortunate sign that we are no longer as young as we once were, and there are a whole lot of myths that go hand in hand with needing reading glasses once you are in your 40’s. read more

Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes – How to Manage Contact Lens Related Dryness

Contact lenses provide the freedom of good sight and great peripheral vision without the annoyance of spectacle frames. However some people find contact lens wear uncomfortable, either putting up with constant irritation or quitting contact lens wear altogether. Understanding the more common reasons for dry eye symptoms and the options available will help you manage your comfort. Let’s have a look at the causes, drops and nutrition and alternative contact lens options including Orthokeratology. read more