What can I do if my child is shortsighted?

Girls eye close-up

What can I do if my child or teenager is shortsighted? 

Myopia or shortsight is an increasing vision problem worldwide and it is no different in Australia. Traditional corrections like sight correcting lenses do not slow down the increases, and recent studies indicate that in some individuals the progression may even be greater in glasses compared to no glasses at all.  The important thing to understand is that progression occurs with and without glasses and can result in more serious eye health consequences in adulthood. read more

What are the alternatives to reading glasses?

shutterstock_27257383Finding out you need reading glasses comes as quite a shock to many people, particular for those who have spent their entire lives with great sight.  It is an unfortunate sign that we are no longer as young as we once were, and there are a whole lot of myths that go hand in hand with needing reading glasses once you are in your 40’s. read more

Is It Really an Eye turn? So What is Pseudostrabismus?

Pseudostrabismus refers to eyes that appear to be turned, but are actually straight.  This is quite a common condition in babies and young children due to facial structures. Known as “prominent epicanthal folds”, the wide bridge of the nose and the inner folds of the eyelid skin on the nose-side of the eye contribute to the appearance by covering the “whites” of the eye.  This is often more noticeable in of East Asian ethnicities, where the lower fold of the upper eyelid gives the eyes a relatively narrower and almond-like appearance. read more