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Vision training conference, by Paul & Meredith

Office based vision training (or vision therapy) has been shown to be more effective at treating symptoms for Convergence Insufficiency, when compared to pencil push-ups and home computerised eye exercises.  Harmony Vision Optometry and Vision Training clinic has a great deal of experience in treating these types of eye teaming disorders. Paul and Meredith, optometrists from Harmony Vision, were invited to share their knowledge with fellow optometrists over 3 days in October 2011. They presented new evidence about the need for more rigorous diagnosis to ensure proper identification, as well as their approach to vision training & therapy. Click here to read an article published about the conference, and to see what delegates said… read more

Vision Therapy on the Gold Coast

Evidence for Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy or Vision Training is a therapeutic approach program of activities incorporating the use of lenses, prisms, and filters.  It is used as part of the treatment for a range of vision disorders such as convergence problems, accommodation dysfunction, lazy eye and oculomotor disorders.  In our practice, the majority of vision therapy conducted is for accommodation dysfunction and convergence problems, otherwise known as focussing and eye-teaming difficulties. read more