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Children’s Optometrist Gold Coast – 1 in 5 children

1 in 5 children suffer with an undetected vision problem

(source Optometry Australia 2017).

This is an issue that is close to the hearts of the team at Harmony Vision Optometrists.  We founded the practice to concentrate on providing an extended range of vision treatments to people of all ages, this inevitably lead to a strong focus on children.  Why? read more

Vision, Balance, Vertigo and Dizziness

I had the opportunity to head to Portland, Oregon USA recently to attend a meeting on the multidisciplinary care of patients with dizziness.  It was a long way to travel in a short space of time, and so I was taking a gamble on the quality of the meeting.  This has been an interest of mine for a long time for both personal and professional reasons as I have been involved in the visual rehabilitation of patients for many years.  It turns out that the trip turned out to be a success, the meeting was excellent. read more

Alice Forsyth joins the Optometry Team

hcp_harmonyvisioncare-11Harmony Vision was founded with a commitment to improving our patient’s quality of life, whether this be with vision therapy, stress relieiving lenses, contact lenses or ergonic advice. We believe in combining the latest technology, research and clinical excellence to deliver this to our patients. Alice Forysth shares this vision, which is why Harmony Vision is so excited to welcome her to the team! read more

Genetic defect linked to visual impairment in dyslexics – report by MNT

A excerpt from the news report:

  • The researchers used a series of visual tests to compare typical readers with two groups of dyslexics — one with and one without a specific deletion in the DCDC2 gene.
  • The subjects were presented with images of patterned black and white lines and asked to determine whether the image was moving horizontally or vertically.
  • Dyslexics with the genetic deletion failed to detect the motion of the image, although they were able to determine the orientation of the lines.
  • The group of dyslexics with a normal copy of the DCDC2 performed similarly to the normal readers, with only a minor impairment in motion detection.

For the full report visit read more